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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The joys of teak decks.  Well, I am done reefing, cleaning, and caulking these decks.  All that is left is rebunging about 200 holes and then sanding.  After that, cleaning that deck with this stuff.
I thought I had a macerator problem and bought a new Whale pump to do overboard discharge of the holding tank when in the appropriate areas but it turns out that I forgot to open the seacock instead.  Now I can either hold onto this pump or finally clean up that mess of a holding tank installation that the previous owner did.  Options, options.  The current setup has me unable to pump out the holding tank at the pump out stations that are scattered throughout the area unless I turn on the macerator.  There should be a standpipe into the holding tank then a Y-valve to select between macerator or the on-deck fitting.
We have a lot to do before Mexico.  The holding tank will be a priority.  Right after I get this deck done.  I figure another 10 hours of steady work and we'll have a big dent in it.

Our new house wine!

Making Lulu's spaghetti sauce!

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