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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Almost pulled it off

I had this plan to take Sam to see Cinderella.  We were going to dress up!

Masterplan was this:

  1. Buy awesome Prince Charming costume
  2. Buy awesome Cinderella costume for Sam (thanks Jen and Grandma!)
  3. Have neighbor's daughter, who is friends with Sam, get awesome costume
  4. Take photos in the sunshine at dock
  5. Go see Cinderella and possibly get in for free because of, well, awesomeness!
  6. Grab some Chinese food after free movie.
  7. Get check from Chinese place but we owe nothing because of...wait for it...awesomeness once again.
  8. Take kids home
  9. Get some sleep for work the next day
This is how it went down:

  1. 1 through 3 done.
  2. Taking Sam off of the boat, slipper gets caught on rail and falls into water.
  3. Put Sam down and almost lose keys and cell phone in water trying to grab shoe that while made of rubber, sinks like a damn stone.
  4. Ask Sam if tennis shoes are OK.  They are, of course, not OK!!
  5. Beg for couple of photos and get a half-hearted OK.
  6. Go back to boat and change back into street clothes.
  7. Wear crowns to the movie and while awesome, not enough for free movie.
  8. Surprised self by how much I enjoyed Cinderella.  I even cried but that could be the cancer.  Yeah, the cancer made me cry.
  9. Sam loved the movie and so did Kaley.
  10. Went to get Chinese food and had to pay full price.
  11. Dropped off kids.
  12. Hit the sack.
I guess the real Cinderella lost her slipper but that was AFTER the ball.  All is well though.  Neighbors retrieved the slipper while we were at the movie.  I had to reassure Sam over and over that we could get her slipper back.
Sam wants to see the movie again and I do also actually.  Going to take my mother and we are going to try the dress up thing again.  NEVER QUIT!!!
This does NOT float!!

If she wore mascara, you would be able to see the streaks from the tears...

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