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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ctrl Alt Delete...reset

Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it. ~Mark Twain

Spent last weekend in San Diego seeing family and friends.  Stayed in Mission Bay area almost on the beach.  Went running most every morning on the beach with my mom and then tooled around the SD area taking it all in.
My step-brother along with his wife and daughter took us out on an Azimuth 54.

I was driving the boat home from Coronado and was told to let the dogs off the chain.  I pushed the throttles to the stops and the twin Volvo turbo-diesels, churning out 750 HP each, hustled us quickly to almost 50mph.  See those cushions on the bow?  They flew up and over the flybridge.  Had to circle around and get those things.
I did High Mass with my good friend Michael who had his son with him.  My mother also attended.  It was all in Latin and a very beautiful ceremony.  Lots and lots of sitting , standing, and kneeling.  I am glad I went.  We left church and hit the road to take out that 54 footer.
The weather our entire stay was hot and sunny.  The boat ride was fantastic and I can't thank my brother enough for the good time. He let me drive the boat all day.  We cruised around the old carrier Midway and took the boat into nooks and crannies in the SD Bay area and then over to Coronado Island and had dinner.
Once at Coronado, we met up with Eric and Charlotte and their two kids Lyra and Cora.  Cora is the one that brightened my mood during my last blog writing attempt with that great picture.
Lyra and Cora
Trying to do a selfie+1
Eric and Charlotte

Here is Pete J. along with Pete, son of  Pete, Charlotte , Cora and myself and I think I see Pete's daughter off to the right, Calena (sorry if I spelled that wrong) 
On our day of departure, we met up with Lee and her husband John.  Lee and John helped us last year with Appa while we were in Newport Beach getting ready to do the trip down to Mexico.  They are the BEST!!
Ilse and Lee
Thanks to Pete J. for driving down and hanging with us and also Lee and John for doing the same.  Props to my brother Pete who let me drive that boat.  Good times!!
Sunset photo from the Mission Bay Beach.  Saturday night I think.

I didn't take many pics.  My mom has some more and I'll try to get them.

Here are some recent ones from Seattle.  Just random stuff...
Sam in gymnastics class
Completed her first round of gym class

Ben and Easton completed their class also.  Medals for EVERYONE!!!
My little girl!
This Tuesday I am taking Sam to see Cinderella.  We are going to dress up.  I'm going as Prince Charming and she is going as...Cinderella as pictured above.  Actually that is a Jasmine outfit but Sam doesn't like blue dresses.  Then we are going for Chinese.  At her request!  Damn she is growing up fast.
Ben and I are going to San Diego on April 7th through the 9th to visit Legoland.  Just him and I.  Cashed in some miles and we are going First Class. We rented a car and then we'll hit the park.  Got a place on the beach also.
Trying to get some time in with these kids.  I work every other weekend and it seems like I never see them.  I will be working right up to my surgical date I think.  Or at least try to.  I'm still struggling with the time off, no vacation time or enough sick time, and the fact that I don't qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act.  Pretty sure it will work out but I don't know.
Surgery on April 24th and then 6 weeks of recovery.  Then chemo.  That's how it stands.  I am doing fairly well.  Not thrilled with the upcoming bullshit but I have to do it so stay the course.


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