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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Time. Where does it go?

 I don't know what to say here. How can you prepare yourself for this?  It almost seems elective in nature. I've know this day was coming since last year. Plenty of time to prepare but I feel like I have a huge life altering exam tomorrow and I didn't study. I was asked if I was ready for this. How in the hell can you get ready? On the surface you can appear ready and I know I have to do this but am I ready? I have no idea. Do I have a choice?
To help prepare for this shit storm of pain and misery that is barreling toward me, I took my son Ben to Legoland. Just him and I. Had enough miles to bump us to first class and got a hotel on the beach in Carlsbad California.

We had a great time. Landed at 9 am in San Diego, got a car, and drove to Legoland. Spent the day getting the lay of the land and around 3pm we headed back to the hotel to check in and get some sleep.
After a bit of a nap, Ben and I walked down to the pool and did some swimming and also got in the hot tub. Once refreshed, we made a plan for some food.
According to Ben, he has never had room service. Not sure if that is accurate or not. I had to explain to him what exactly room service was. His eyes got wide. "You mean we don't have to leave the room? We can watch animal planet and eat? "  He was in heaven.
Wednesday we hit Legoland after a late start, we did the aquarium and the water park. More room service once back at the hotel and spent the night watching Animal Planet and Discovery channel. That was all he wanted. Chicken wings and hanging with me while watching TV. Mission accomplished.

Thursday we packed up and headed to San Diego for our 5pm flight but first we did lunch with my brother Pete. He's the yacht broker. I thought we would just drive to a place but we took out a new 38' Searay with twin gas motors. I want to say combined, they gave the boat around 800 horsepower. Pete again let Ben drive and I assisted. Beautiful weather and we headed for Harbor island area and for Mexican food. Great time.

Flight home was great and Ben slept for most of it. By all accounts, it was a successful bonding experience with my son.

Also my brother flew out with his oldest Kody.  We went for a great sail and just hung out.

My good good friend from Chicago flew in also.  Steve and his kid Justin.  More sailing and just hanging out.

I am off work now till the beginning of June. I hope that my recovery goes smooth and I can actually enjoy a portion of this time off.

Sam had her 5th birthday this past Wednesday.  Jen put on a great party for her.  I was part of the assembly team.  Sam got the Playmobil Grand Mansion.  Three stories of doll house.  She loves it!

Gymnastics the Thursday before my surgery

I start chemo again in 2 weeks. No idea what I'll be on. Have to get through tomorrow and then the nerve wracking wait for the biopsy on my lymph nodes. I am hoping for the oral chemotherapy. Doubtful says Dr Gold. Grrrr.

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