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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crossing to the sea

Left yesterday for Isla del Partida. They have seals at the north point of the island and they are pretty tame (for wild animals) and you can swim with them. They play pretty rough so not sure about the kids going in but we'll see.
Left Mazatlan around 1100 and hoisted sail soon after. We were able to sail till 0330 today. Our boat is a little more <cough> "high performance" then the other boats we sail with right now, so while we sailed, they motored. Suckers.
The forecast now looks like no wind and it seems to be correct as we have been motoring steadily now since 0330.
Chris Tutmark ran all new wiring in the mast including VHF antenna wiring. With new connectors, new antenna, you get the picture. We have consistently been able to broadcast farther then anyone else in our group. Love that stuff. Anyway, yesterday I made like I was having a conversation with Antipodes on the VHF. Mind you Antipodes was 200 miles away at this point. People know that we have pretty good reception so they bought it for awhile. I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back.
Haven't caught anything yet.
Ben was sick all day yesterday and Jen is a bit queasy today. The seas are sloppy from yesterdays wind. It should settle down later today. Sammy is having no trouble and Max had one short bout of nausea. He can't be downstairs for long.
93 miles to go. Per the computer we will be at anchor around 1100 tomorrow.
Boat is working fine and the rudder fix seems to be working a treat.

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