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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still in La Cruz

Well we are still here in La Cruz. Having a ball,visiting with old and new friends.  
Couple days ago we went to this old farm that has a swimming pool and restaurant with enormous fields of grass all cut like a golf course. Randy (from Antipodes), with his son Adam came along.  Steve, a good friend we met here, and his family know of this place and drove all us there in his car.  Great lunch and nice swim.  As Steve started to shuttle people back to his house, Max, Randy and I started throwing the frisbee around. Steve joined us and it was very pleasant just hanging around tossing the disc.  
We are waiting for a weather window to head north to Mazlatzan. Wednesday looks great.  Tuesday there is suppose to be a big swell coming down and we are going to head to Punta de Mita and try to learn how to surf.  A big ole storm in California is the cause of these waves.  
Sammy at Costco. See all the crap we bought?  
I put this handle on the stern of the boat to help Sam get down to the swim platform. 
This red thing is a speaker that uses Bluetooth or azul diente.  Awesome sound and 9 hours of playback. We love it. 
This is a snapshot of the traffic at 4am on our way up to Puerto Vallarta. We are the blue triangle and also close into shore to avoid all those orange triangles which are 700-1000 foot freighters. 4 am!!
Photo of Appa from the restaurant at the marina in La Cruz.  Good old girl!
Sammy just screwing around before swimming. She has been learning how to dive.  She can go down now and get things off the bottom of the pool.  About 5 foot depth. Amazing.
My buddy Chris gave us this old cooler prior to leaving Seattle. It is an Extreme Cooler per the markings on the side. It'll keep ice for 3 days or so. The hinges busted awhile back....maybe September.  My wonderful wife found these hinges and the fit perfectly. Now the ice might be good for 4 days.  

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