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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In La Cruz

Sand Dollar rowing out the surf line in Tenacatita.  They almost got swamped. 
Sam and I at LA Loco all-inclusive resort in Tenacatita. 
Appa at anchor in Tenacatita Bay. 
Sun setting on passage to La Cruz in Puerto Vallarta. 
We left at 5 at night and got into La Cruz at 3pm the next day. Easy passage. Just as we rounded Cabo corrientes the wind picked up and we got the sail the final 28 miles. Hit 8 knots at times. 
Max is back and all is right with the world. At least on Appa. We missed him and so happy to have him back. 
We are staying in La Cruz and will be here till Saturday I think. Jen wants to take me to the costco down here. She loved it. We have to get our visas renewed along with the boats import form. I also exploded a couple blocks on the boat and have to replace them and will do that the big store they have down here.  
Appa is going to get waxed and polished while we are here.  She has been good to us and we want her to look good. $2000 pesos for full boat wash and wax with all the stainless getting polished. That is $150 bucks. In the states I paid $890 for just the hull. 
We are already missing our peeps from Sand Dollar but they will catch up to us in the next couple weeks. 

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