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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top Ten Sam quotes

I was walking down the street in Barre Navidad and started to laugh about something Samey said to Max recently.  I decided to put down my favorite Samey sayings...
My top ten Samey quotes!!!!
10.  "I do more!"
9.  "My do it!"
8.  While hiding from Max under the table, "You don't know where I am because you don't know where I've been!"
7.  When asked if she can swim back to the boat, "Indeed I can."
6.  While fighting with Ben on the drive down to meet Appa in San Francisco "Does not compute Ben!  DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!"
5.  After Max tries to grab Sam as they are chasing each other "Look in your hands Maxey!  They are empty!!" 
4.  "Get in my belly!" complete with Scottish brogue. She picked this up from Max who got it from the movie Austin Powers. 
3.  "Actually, probably at the boat." after being told I was at work.  She was one year old at the time.
2.  "That's a confident wolf!" after seeing the University of Washington's husky dog mascot. 
And the number one Samey quote

1. "Get me an apple stupid!" to Max while watching a movie in the forward bunk whilst on Appa. She got in trouble for this but it has become part of our lexicon but only when she isn't around.

Leaving for Manzanillo Monday.  Sea Otter arrived yesterday and another kid boat, Antipodes, is pulling in now.  Party on A dock!!!!!!!