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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bahia Chamela

We left PV, hell I can't remember!  Week ago?  Anyway we left under sunny skies and no wind. Motored for about 3 hours out of Banderas  Bay and once around Cabo Corrientes, the wind picked up and we set sail.  The Rainbow Warrior went by us under sail. 
After a great couple hours sailing we arrived in Ipala. The cruising guides don't have much nice to say about this place but we loved it!  We stayed two nights. Warm water but not clear.
That is good old Sand Dollar swinging off the anchor at Ipala. So peaceful there.
We left after two days and as we were raising the anchor, a whale swam into the tiny bay.  No pictures. 
Here is the rope swing I made off the spinnaker pole. Ben and the kids from Sand Dollar loved it.
Blew out my dinghy wheel. And my flip flop!  Surf landing in the dinghy can be treacherous. We came into the beach at Chamela and got caught by a huge rolling surf.  It swamped the dinghy and took Sam's pants off!  We laughed and laughed. We even had a fish in the dinghy there was so much water!  Jen has the pictures.
Appa swinging around out in Bahia Chamela. 
Jumping in the 82 degree water.  You can see about 30 feet underwater.  Anchor and chain clearly visible from the boat in 20 feet.  Not the Caribbean but it is nice.
Appa, Sand Dollar,  Unleashed and unknown boat right off isle Pajarea in Bahia Chamela. 
Watched the Seahawks last night in a RV trailer park on the beach. Pretty funny comparing notes with the camper guys. They have about the same types of problems. 
Gotta go.  My hour of internet here at the cafe is up. 
More later. 

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