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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Las Hadas resort in Manzanillo

We left Barre Navidad yesterday and had a great sail south (and east) to Manzanillo. This is our final stop before Zihuatanejo. 
The marina is at the bottom of the picture and you have to Mediterranean moor there.  We choose to anchor for free. 
We watched the sunset while sailing into this bay and dropped the hook.  No bugs and a great refreshing wind made for a beautiful night. We all slept great. 
This morning we got the motor on the dinghy and putted into the marina and are currently poolside enjoying the hotels anemities. 
Max is finishing up his schoolwork for his eventual trip to Seattle for his midterms. Ben, Sam and myself all are swimming. 

The plan is to stay here till thursday or Friday and the do an overnight sail down to Zihuatanejo. Get into Zihuatanejo before the weekend and get a nice spot to anchor.  I watched the Seahawks get defeated in either the Super Bowl or a championship game back in 2005 or something in Zihuatanejo.  Now they are back in the Super Bowl and I am going to watch the game down here again.  This time without Jason so maybe they will win.  After super Sunday wear e going to be doing sailfest in ziwha.  Max flies home on the 7th and Jen and I will get the boat back up to the Manzanillo area and explore for 2 weeks while Max takes his finals and see a couple of friends.  There is a possibility that our good friend Jeremy will make it down to Zihuatanejo.  He might be able to sail with us up the coast for a bit.  Max will fly into Manzanillo after 2 weeks so our forward cabin will be free.  Could work out great.  

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