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Friday, November 29, 2013

Whale sharks

La Paz is home to whale sharks.  Juvenile whale sharks.  We went swimming with them today.
Jen took the pics as I was driving and trying to not hit these beasties.  Saw turtles and rays also.  Lots of wildlife.
Thanksgiving in La Paz yesterday along with 200 other ex-pats and cruisers.  Great food.  We had fun.  Making new friends and generally just trying to slow down and enjoy our time.
Sam is difficult but I think we might be over the hump.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

Jen has some pictures of the boys swimming with them.  I'll let her post them.  This guy is about 15 feet long or so.

We had Adam (from Antipodes a 55 foot trawler), Ben (from Sea Otter, an Island Packet 38), Easton, Kaley, Nate, and Shauna along with Julie. Julie is Ben's mom and Shauna has Easton, Kaley and Nate.  
This is my Ben, the other Ben, and Adam. 
Dragging Max and Easton while getting to deeper water.
This bottom picture is Sam getting her hair trimmed by Jen. 

Well we are waiting for a weather window to leave for the mainland.  Big north winds are projected throughout the weekend so we will leave Monday or so.  We are going to hit Muretos again and do more snorkeling and such.  Then it is off to La Cruz in Banderas Bay.  We think. We might stop at Chacala which is a bit north of Banderas Bay.  That place has been on my hit list for awhile. We MIT have ourselves quite the convoy as Moments, Sea Otter, and maybe two others might join us for the crossing.  We definitely could have crossed earlier this week but wanted to do Thanksgiving here.
Jen is trying out a new nausea med called Sturgeon among other things.  Number 1 seasick for the Royal Navy.  We will see.  Fingers crossed.