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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ensenada de Los Muertos

There is Appa hanging off the anchor in Ensenada de Los Muretos. Warm water and great weather. These clouds are actually welcomed. Gets that sun off you for a bit.
Caught two tuna at the same time while sailing, yes, actually sailing to de Los Muretos. Make that fish into a casserole after making steaks at first. Good eating.
We left Los Frailes after a rolly rolly night and a "wind event" during the day.  30 knots of wind out of the south that lasted for about 6 hours.  This is not a south wind anchorage.  The anchor held and was a complete beast to get out of the sand the next day but I am glad for spending the extra money on chain and the bridle. Boats broke their bridles and some dragged.  The next day we wanted to explore the beach but the wind picked up again and we left at 1300. 
Had a brilliant sail to Ensenada de Los Muertos and got into the bay at 2100 last night. Boat preformed great and we are really getting into trimming her up and getting the most speed out of her that we can.  It is nice being out on the boat and having the time to play with all the strings that make her go.  Small adjustments can add up to nice gains in speed.  It helps that we have friends with us and it is ALWAYS a race to the next bay.  Thankfully we aren't racing raising our anchors. We are still working on our technique.  A mountain of chain builds up under our windlass and you have to sweep it away to the clean part of the anchor locker. 3/8" chain weighs quite a bit and a mountain of it gets awfully hard to move.  We'll get the hang of it I'm sure. 
Max is getting better and better with the sailing and does all the heavy work.  Great to have him along for sure.  
Ben and Sam are doing great.  Sam swam (with me) by herself from our boat to Sand Dollar. Picture below.  The two boats to the left are ours. She swam between them. Back and forth.  Life jacket on but still. That is a lot of swimming for a 3 year old.  
That is Moondance at Los Frailes. She is a CS34. Just like Pete and Rachelle's boat. 
Here is Max with his first fish that he speared with our new speargun. 
Saw these guys fillet up this swordfish. Kinda sad. 
This trimaran anchored super close to us in Los Frailes and if we would have dragged anchor, they would have had to move first.  They moved on their own once the wind really picked up. 
Water maker working great.  27 gallons an hour right now.  Knock on wood. 
Today I woke up and stood on the bow of the boat and could see the anchor 32' below me.  Amazing. To me anyway. Love, love, love, jumping off the boat with just trunks on.  All night last night while sailing, we are were in shorts and t shirts. 
Well, we are staying here another day and will snorkel more and get a couple boat things out of the way. 
Stay tuned...

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