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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Got up this morning and after breakfast and getting gas for the dinghy ($14 for 2 gallons), we headed out to Emerald Cove for some snorkeling. The whole family went. Emerald Cove is about 2 miles or so from Isthmus Cove. We dinghied over and landed on this beach and started to snorkel. Ben left us to play on the beach with Sam and Jen so that left Max and I. We saw this. 
Pretty cool, eh?  Leopard shark. Max and I also saw rays, flounders, and some other fish. 
Heading to Avalon tomorrow for couple days and then to Newport for the dreaded trip to Disney. 
Boat has been working well.  Have a leak in the line that goes to the cockpit shower. I think it is from bad hose clamp which I have since replaced. We'll see. The charger is still out but we are on the hook so it doesn't matter. I theorictally have one on order and maybe even waiting for me in San Diego. I ordered the Magnum Power MS2012. Hopefully it'll be an easy install. 
The solar panels are keeping up with demand. We are down a bit from last night's movie, Flushed Away. The inverter and the associated power draw from the TV kills us but we don't do it often. The freezer is also on and that isn't bad but it doesn't help. Having an Otterpop after swimming though is nice.  And ice cubes. Have to have ice cubes. Of course the freezer isn't making them right now but it could. 
Phone died so no texting and I rely on internet from the local bar Harbor Reef. Jen is doing laundry and we are going to have a beer once she shows up. Max and Ben are on Appa studying. 
View from the bar we are getting internet at. Appa is back there somewhere. 
Traffic jam. Dinghy dock. Ours is in there next to the green pram. 
That is all I got for now. 
Everyone is happy and doing well.  School is coming along for the kids. Max is getting into a routine and seems like he is enjoying it.  He does lots of reading. Ben is also devouring books. We are going to do a week with no electronic diversions and see how that goes. 


  1. Cousin,

    It's awesome and crappy at the same time to live vicariously through you. :)

    Glad all is well and can't wait to read on.


  2. Having a great time reading your blog as you all make your way. I empathize with your "dreaded Disneyland" day, as I lived in Newport for almost 20 years, but be sure to make the most out of your stop in Newport and visit Minney's Yacht Surplus. It's a shame to call it a boat junkyard because not much of it is actually junk. It's giant and will have anything you need and lots off stuff you didn't remember you needed and all for junkyard prices. Minney's is on Newport Blvd and you can walk there from the far northeast corner of the harbor.



    Best wishes and keep up the great blog!
    Chris & Monica
    s/v SeaGlub - San Francisco

    1. Thanks Chris! Totally forgot Minny's is here. Wednesday I'll try to get there.
      Mobilizing troops now for the push to the mouse house.