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Friday, October 25, 2013

San Diego

Sorry for the long delay.  Anyway here goes...
We are in Cabo San Lucas after a great and at times grueling trip down from San Diego. 
This post will be in many parts as Internet is frustrating to find and use down here in Mexico. 

Made into San Diego on Saturday the 19th of October around 1400 or so.  Motored the whole way from Oceanside.  Oceanside was a neat stop over.  Had fun there.  Very laid back and none of that yacht club stuffiness we experienced in Del Rey and Newport Beach.
Spent two nights at the San Diego Yacht Club and took advantage of the nice pool and hot tub.  We also hit the Downwind Marine HaHa party and met some new people and hooked up with some friends that we have met along the way.
Bought the new Magnum MS2012 charger on Monday and started installing it on Tuesday.  Just finished it today, Wednesday.
Jen took the kids on Tuesday and went shopping for Halloween stuff and other necessities. She also picked up her mother from the airport.  Marcia is staying in SD till tomorrow.
While the kids were gone, I started to dismantle the nav station as that is where the old charger lived.  I was fully prepared to to have to rewire the whole AC system because as with everything on this boat, the old owner just didn't do it right the first time.  I was not disappointed.  The AC going into the boat should have a breaker before the charger/inverter.  Appa had the breaker after the power was already through the charger and on it's way to the panel.  So basically the power went from shore to the boat through the charger then it hit a 20 amp breaker then it went through a 30 amp breaker and then to the outlets.  Not the right way.  Not according to the directions that I have anyway.
Went to West Marine and bought 10 feet of 2/0# black wire and another 11 feet of red wire.  Also got a 30 amp breaker, 10 gauge AC wire, 4 new fenders and couple blocks to replace some that are wearing out.
So I pulled the out the old Heart Interface Charger out from under the nav station.  That beast weighs about 70 pounds.  Heart made their chargers with 8 feet of 2/0 gauge wire built into them.  Both black.  No telling which was positive and negative once they got away from the charger.
Got that heavy sucker out and then started to get the new one ready to go into the hole.  Mounted it temporarily and then pulled it out after measuring cable lengths and such.
Wired it up and then cleaned up all the cable.  Works now.
More later.....
Just know that the water is warm and beautiful. We are heading to La Paz which is north into the Sea of Cortez on Wednesday or so. 

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