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Sunday, October 6, 2013

No woman, me cry!

Jen has been gone now for 3 weeks.  Or at least it feels that way.  We have been at the Del Rey Yacht Club since Monday.  3 free days and the rest are 0.75 a foot.  That adds up.  I am ready to go.  
They have a guest dock here across the marina that is close to Ralph's.  Evidently Fred Meyer and Ralph know one another.  Pretty nice grocery store.  We bought this.
Straight from Mexico.  Made with cane sugar.

The West Marine is next door to Ralph's along with a yogurt shop.  So you know that we hit those.  Got these spice racks at WM and a couple of new breakers.  I also bought this raft.

I think the top rack is too high but I have a picture I want to hang under the racks.  We'll see.

Surprisingly good peach yogurt

The kids have been eating like crazy.  Good appetites.  Ben has been getting his computer assignments done and reading a bunch.  He is also trying to be more diligent about checking his emails.

 I think you know when you stayed too long in one place when the people start to complain a bit.  We got a call about our towels hanging on the lifelines.  The YC thinks that looks trashy and it is verboten.  OK.  We can do that.  Then I got bitched at about the kids tracking water from the pool into the bathroom.  OK.  Towel them off better.  While the members that I have met have been unbelievably friendly, I am sure that there are members who don't want kids here (Seattle Yacht Club has the same problem) and rattle their walkers when they get upset.

They had a party here last night and you should have seen the cars.  California is all about automobiles.  3 Ferraris with a couple Porsches thrown in and one sparkling Aston Martin.  Meh.  I use to know the horsepower on every Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.  I could tell what model year it was.  Now...I don't care.  I'll never own one.  I use to think that maybe I would but my career trajectory isn't aiming at a Ferrari dealership.  S'OK.  Usually you have to work yourself to death to get a car like that.  I don't have to work for a year.  I get to spend that time with my family.  Who is richer?  They are.  But I am OK with that.
To the left is my 2004 Ferrari and on the right is my 2010 Porsche.  The maintenance regime on those two is unbelievable.
Going to change oil today or tomorrow and get ready to leave.  I think we are going to go to Catalina Island for a bit and then to Newport.  Maybe Newport first and get Disneyland done.  Then we can get out to the island and relax.


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