Friday, October 19, 2012


Was here about 5 times yesterday

Just starting the project.  What a puzzle!
The punch list got a little smaller yesterday.  Got the water-maker installed.  Few minor things to tidy up and we can take the water-maker off the list.  One of the fittings on the high pressure side cracked while we ran the pressure up so I couldn't test it thoroughly but Matt from Aqua-Marine feels like after I replace the fitting, she'll be making 24 gallons of water per hour with no trouble.  I also have to clean up the wiring mess that the old owner left.
We started the job at 0930 and finished at 1800 (6 pm to you non-nautical types).  In between those hours I did:

  1. 5 runs to Fisheries
  2. 3 runs to Seaview boatyard
  3. one run to Paseo for cuban pork sandwiches
  4. one run to look for water-maker part at our house
  5. one run to Ben's school when I accidentally took the wife's car keys and she couldn't go get him. Grrrrrrr.
  6. one run to Tacoma Screw
  7. one run to 7-11 for beer
 We were going to run the water-maker off the engine intake hose.  That idea fizzled as the engine intake hose comes out of the bottom of the boat and directly into the engine room via a hole made in the engine cradle.  Not enough room there for a T connector.  See picture below.

All done

The engine intake through hull is on the lower left side of the above picture.  Not nearly enough room for the T connector.  We toyed with the idea of running the water-maker intake hose from the aft head intake hose but I did not feel like punching 1 1/2" holes through the bulkheads.  I then made the executive decision to run the water-maker intake off of the galley's sink drain.  The problem with the galley sink drain is the brine solution (the concentrated salt that the water-maker takes out of the sea water thus making in into fresh drinkable water) drains into the galley sink drain.  Meaning the water-maker intake would be getting ever increasing levels of salt.  I solved this by having the brine go through the small through hull located on the bottom right of the above photo.  This through hull is used for the salt water foot pump at the galley.  It was going to be capped off.  It use to be the intake for the water-maker.  Matt thought that the salt water pump intake was too small for the water-maker hence all the problems that the old owner had with it.  1/2" fitting and the water-maker needs 3/4" intake at least.   The white hose coming off the middle through hull is now the water-maker intake.  1 1/4" of intake that water-maker.  Am I tired of typing water-maker!  I'm going to shorten it to WM.
Used a mess of these

New intake pump for the WM

Control panel

Broke nipple off of through hull
 While replacing the fitting on the galley sink through hull, I was attempting to turn it off and it completely cracked and came off in pieces.  Second one that has happened to.  Think I should change all my fittings or what?
High pressure pump

Finally get to use this switch!

If you think this is looking shoddy, you should have seen it before.  Looked like a snakes wedding!

That RED valve in the photo above is the "easy" way to close the sink so when we are sailing and heeling the water does not go up the drain and on the counter and then into the fridge and freezer.  Don't ask me how I know!  Problem is that valve needs a Herculean effort to turn.  The old setup had that valve and this T connector that the brine would go into.  All of this was hanging on the grey plastic pipe you see in the photo. It was bending and eventually would crack and leak.  Now the hose is lighter and is somewhat holding the sink pieces up.  Not optimal but better.  That whole area needs to be redone but it can wait till after the cover goes on the boat for the winter.
So I need four fittings and 2 large zip ties and we can make water.
My favorite tool

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