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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Freeman Island

Ben caught so many little crabs.  You could tell that he is a boat kid.  Other boys?  Scared to handle the crabs.  

Last weekend went to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island in the San Juans.  It's a YMCA camp that has been around since 1908.  The dads in Ben's school all get together and do a dad/son or dad/daughter weekend.  Archery, BB guns, row boats, beach cookouts, giant swing (and I mean giant!), largest zipline in the state (have to be in 3rd grade), pottery, swimming, enormous plays of tag and dodgeball (called wreckage).  Lots of fun and great bonding time.  Getting to know the other dads is a bonus also.  
Ben's school is private and while not the most exclusive, it is up there.  I always feel a bit of an outsider when I'm there.  I think ALL kids should have access to the education that Ben is getting.  Small classroom size, new equipment, etc.  <sigh>  After the kids go to bed in the cabin, the dads hang out and bullshit.  Most of the dads feel the same way.  Guilty I guess you could call it.  Glad my son has an opportunity like this and I really hope he understands that he is lucky to have it.

Giant swing time!  Ben got to go twice!

Best buddy Clare.  Getting ready to explore Freeman Island

Making an ashtray?

Stuck that arrow right in the wood.  Good shot!

Girls have separate cabins but they were pretty interested in what the boys were doing.  Last year they could have cared less.

That is Freeman island directly out there.  Waldorn beyond that.  Canada beyond that

Getting some food ready

Our bunks.  Cabin with no doors or windows

Ferry ride there

Ari and Ben

Back at work for a stretch so not much going on at the boat.  Couple of photos.

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