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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer in Seattle.  See the jackets!

Put the swimstep in.  Pretty cool.  Course it was bent.  Jeez.

New start battery charger

Old battery charger.  No more CLICK!!!  CLICK!!! everytime the start battery  checks it's current.

New stove.  I love this thing.  Best ever.  

Iverson's fitting the dodger.

Heading over to SYC Port Madison outstation for Father's Day!

Our boat next to my buddy Scott's 63 foot S&S.  Took the kids to school in the dinghy on the right.
 Been awhile since I updated the blog.  We are leaving for Canada and the beautiful Desolation Sound area for 17 days on August 16th.  Got lots to do before that trip.

  1. I have a short in the new running lights.  Damn it!
  2. STOP button on my engine panel works when it wants to.
  3. No steaming light.
  4. Windlass is having an issue but I think I know what that is.
  5. I kinda want to get a new Rocna and new chain.
  6. Booster fan in the heater duct so the kids can be warm.
  7. Change oil
  8. Check coolant.  
  9. Top off batteries with water.
  10. Find that damn water leak in the fresh water system.
On and on it goes. 

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