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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suppose to rain this Thursday.  All day.  No big deal.  After all this is Seattle.  Iversons are suppose to come out and measure our dodger.  They won't pattern in the rain.  I'd like to get it on Appa before Father's day but that is not going to happen I guess.  Oh well.
Evidently I 've been wrong about our planned departure time to Mexico.  It is 2013 not 2014.  Why I didn't get that, I'll never know.  Was talking with Jen and said something along the lines of "Well we have 2 years to get the boat ready."  This was met with silence.  "What?"  "We are leaving next summer!"  "Huh?"
Hopefully all that crap from Japan is gone by then.  They recently found a whole huge dock drifted onto the Oregon coast.  It is huge!    Imagine running into that at night.  <shudder>
Anyway, took off the hatch that covers the sliding companion way slide.  Water squishing out of it when stepped on.  Just like the anchor locker hatch, all screws hold teak down are gone and nothing to stop water from getting in!  Grrr.  WTF?  Why would you do that?
That is water coming out.

Beautiful wet core!

I spilled about twice this.  LOADED with water.  Really crazy.
So right now I am rebuild yet another part of this boat.  Just what I want to do.  The teak on this thing is worn out also.  Better than the anchor hatch though.  I'll make it better.  Thankfully I bought all that extra stuff for build the anchor hatch.  Saving money right there.
Jen is flying out with our daughter to Florida to see some relatives.  I'll get a couple hours each day to knock things off the list.  That list has grown HUGE and now I have half the time to do it in.

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