Saturday, April 16, 2016

The blog is almost caught up now.  After this post, I'll be current.
The boys started Friday the 15th of April doing the fine grind inside after I knocked the gelcoat off.  I am NOT replacing the gelcoat after the new glass goes on.  Can't anyway as it won't stick to epoxy.  Not painting the bilge either.  I am leaving it in all it's unfinished glory!

The partners in grind!

These next couple of pictures shows the bulkhead.  The cracked piece with the fiberglass pulled off it.  Totally rotted.  Unreal I crossed the Pacific with the boat like this.

the mast goes right where the wrench is sitting.  You can see the cracks in the bulkhead and the rot!

That's it for now.  They'll be at it later today and then Monday.  Two more weeks they think.  I am for this to be done.  So much damn money!!!

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