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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Here are some more photos of the keel repair.

Way inadequate backing plates!  Not to mentioned they are eaten up.  Couldn't see this corrosion with the nut on their and the goop they used.

Looking aft at the bulkhead

Looking forward at the bulkhead and to port.  This is under the nav station

The mast step is at the bottom.  This is while the boat is still in the water.
This is after the guys grinded some.  Looks bad.  Really bad.  That black stuff is delaminated fiberglass that is saturated with water.  Not good.
 We put over 20,000 miles on Appa since we bought her in 2012.  All of it with the keel being mounted to the boat with the stub in this shape.  Testimony to the build of the Wauquiez that the boat showed no signs of this problem till I found the first hint of it back in June 2015.

Aft most keel bolt holes are unscathed.  

Damaged is more to port side of the stub.  The keel got hit on the starboard leading edge when she ran aground all those years ago.

Keel bolts themselves are in great shape.

The more dark areas are to port and this shot is taken looking aft.

This is almost the final grind.  The delam runs all the way through.  We grinded about 25mm off and rebuilt it with 26mm of woven and biaxial fiberglass.  14 layers worth.

More to come...

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