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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sorry for the delay in bloggerating!

Well, I am back at work for the day and then I have another week off.  Haven't been to work really at all since May.

I wouldn't say that I'm missing it.
We went out for Father's Day weekend and had one of the best times in recent memory.  Took the boat over to Elliot Bay Marina and picked up Jen's parents and then shoved off for Bainbridge Island for dinner.  Had a great sail under genoa and pulled into the SYC outstation at Eagle Harbor and had dinner at Doc's.  Jen's parents left for their condo in Seattle via the foot ferry and we went to the park for some swing time.
Watched Tangled after that and hit the rack about 2300.  Got up in the morning and went to the beach that is right in the bay there.  What a great spot.  Played on the beach, made sandcastles etc.

Tried out our new (to us) 2007 Yamaha 15 hp motor.  Almost brand new.  Been in storage for years.  This baby started right up and it is powerful.  Smooth too.  Love it! 

This is the new sterring chain/cable.  3/4" chain.  Big stuff.  I love outbuilt steering. Sorry about the finger.

The anchor roller is almost done.  Just have to fine tune some stuff.

1/4' stainless steel bow roller.

Look at that beauty!
 So let's see.  I finished the compass and only have to wire up the light.  Ben and I went to Captain's Nautical and picked up a Plastimo compass with a base that matched the one of Appa perfectly.  Amazing. 

Just ordered solar panels and they will be here in about a week.  Have to install those.  Not looking forward to that. 
Found a leak in the forward head compartment.  Not sure if it is the through hull that I recently put in a the fitting and hose.  Will have to investigate that this weekend.
Solent stay adjuster has finally shipped.  That will be here next week also.
Fisheries is out of 3/8" anchor chain till next week.  Grrrr. 
I wired the anchor light and running lights wrong but that is an easy fix.
So getting there.  Almost done. 

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