Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I could have had a V8!

Here I am once again getting my veins filled with a Neapolitan carpet cleaner distilled from the Adriatic. Another week of oddball side effects and feeling like I can be pushed over by bunnies using a feather.   The weakness I experienced last time on this medicine was unbelievable. However I still managed to get out sailing, go to a wedding, and stay out late (for one night anyhow).  
Dave and Julie finally tied the knot this last weekend. They are some of my favorite people on this planet and I am so happy for them.  They got married at Sunset Bluff Park in Ballard this last Saturday.  It is a beautiful spot overlooking the Puget Sound.  
Some people are meant to be together and these two complete each other. Glad they have found each other. 
Michael, Amie and Allie flew out for the wedding along with Pete and Rachelle. We went out sailing on Appa last Thursday doing the Elliot Bay Downtown Series.  Onboard we had Michael, Aime, Allie, David, Pete, Chris, and myself. We had an awful start as we were late to the race but still a managed to claw our way to 14th place out of almost 50 boats. I am never happier than behind the helm of my boat with a bunch of friends, nay family, rolling over the rest of the fleet.  To sail with such a bunch of talented sailors is pure joy to me.  Everyone should have a chance to be as happy as I was last Thursday. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  If my kids could have been there, I probably would have exploded with love. 
Post race at Elliot Bay Marina. This is the last known photo of David as a unmarried man. 

Sammy and Rachelle before going to dinner last Friday. These two just love each other.

We went to Drunky's BBQ Friday night. Michael, Aime, Allie, Pete, Rachelle, Pat, and myself along with my two kids and Easton had a great dinner and very enjoyable conversation. 

The three Kings in my life!!

My son Ben is starting to get into cars. He plays some driving games and is starting to recognize different cars on the road.  Being a bit of a car nut, I thought I'd foster this love of cars.  Today's kids, especially here in Seattle, just don't have a connection with cars.  They could care less about driving.  Of course can you blame them?  Traffic here sucks.  
After dropping Sam off at her friend's house, Ben and I went to the local Ford dealer and drove this...
2015 Ford Mustang GT. The honest-to-God American built V8 throws 435 horsepower to the rear wheels.  My old 1986 Mustang GT had 200 hp!

We were met in the parking lot by Igor the salesman. Igor is from Brazil and a nice quiet guy.  He doesn't seem like much of a car guy though.  After the initial typical bullshit of dealing with Igor's spiel, they threw the keys at me and we were off.
Poor Ben. I don't think he has ever been in a fast car. Cars to him are used for only one thing, getting from A to B. Knowing this, I planned on showing him what gasoline fueled mayhem was all about.  
Ben crawled into the tiny backseat area and buckled in.  He kept saying how nice the seats were back there and how well he fit.  He can't fool me.  I know those seats are for small house pets and children.  Ben won't fit back there after a growth spurt I'll bet.  Anyway, with a push of the button, the V8 roared to life.  Briefly.  I killed it almost immediately with my crappy clutch work.  Clearly I couldn't drive this thing like my V6 manual transmission truck.  Once I got the Mustang's clutch sorted out, we were off.
Magazine articles claim the Mustang can go from a standstill to 60 mph in just over 4 ssconds. I got close to that I think. With my foot firmly planted in the carpet, that V8 made a sound that can only be described as intoxicating. I was hooked. Igor the salesman had his eyes closed and was hugging himself with his head leaned back.  He was trying to find his happy place I guess. Ben was wide-eyed with wonder.  I could see him thinking "Holy shit!! Cars can be fun?!?"
After a bit of city driving, we took the Mustang out onto the freeway.  My plan was to keep my foot planted to the firewall and keep it there till Igor yelled "STOP!!"  I pulled onto the ramp to the freeway and drove that car like a rental.  Short of my old motorcycle, I have never gone that fast that quickly. The car screamed up to 100 mph and Igor was deathly silent, eyes closed and he was rigid in his seat.  Briefly touching 105 mph, I backed off.  Had my kid in the car after all. Once we got down to 70 mph or so, Ben just started babbling like a brook.  "I love this car.  What colors does it come in? Are we taking this car home today? Imagine me being dropped off at school in this.  Omg!! I can't wait for school to start.  Seth can fit back here I think.  For sure Tripp.  He's really short."  This went on for a bit.  I loved it. He might have the bug now.  
We got back to the dealer and took a different Mustang out at the urging of Igor's manager. This time I turned off the traction control to do some wheel spinning. Igor never said a word.  He did seem hesitant to get back in the car for a second go around though. 
Ben did some research once we got back home and wants this one-
I like it.  My brother works for Ford so I get a special price on their products.  This one would cost me out the door $34,000. Lord have mercy that is a chunk of change.

That is about it for now.  Almost done with my infusion and I'm getting run down. I'm doing ok though.  Better than most on my flavor of chemotherapy. 
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishing. I haven't felt like talking on the phone much so I'm sorry if I don't answer or return calls.  I'll try to be better about that.

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