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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trip recap

OK.  Here we go.  A recap of the trip from Seattle to San Francisco.
Papa Fox, Jugurtha and myself  left Shileshole at 1300 the 12th of August.  We headed to the fuel dock and filled up.  Beautiful sunny day out.  No wind.  This would be the theme for the next couple of days.
We filled up and powered out of the marina heading for Port Townsend.  Made it into PT around 2100 or so and met up with Pete and Rachelle.
Rachelle made her newly famous "Stormy Margaritas" and then we had my always famous chili.  Right to bed after that.
The next morning we walked to the West Marine to get some line as I could not find my rigging bag.  This also would a running theme.  This boat is not that big but yet I am forever losing stuff.  I still cannot find the "wood crabs" (clothes pins).
Here we are going out the fairway.  Till next year Shileshole.  See ya!
Jugurtha went up the mast to install the new checkstays while we were in PT.
I am posting the picture below against my better judgement.  A present from Papa Fox.  
  Tuesday afternoon we started to motor to Neah Bay and got their around midnight.  No wind.  None.  At that point, the 14th of August we had motored a total of 18 hours.
Jugurtha fixed the wiring in the aft stateroom.  The reading light was wired weird.  While he did that, Papa Fox and I stitched the strope for the 3rd reef.   Papa Fox made <something> for dinner as the motor droned on, pushing us at 7 knots to NB.
Motoring to Port Townsend

We anchored in Neah Bay on about 100' of chain and waited for Pete and Rachelle to raft up on Appa.  They got into NB around 0100 or so.  We had a celebratory bottle of wine and then hit the rack.
In the morning we stayed on the anchor and made the lee clothes for the dinette area.  It took us 3 hours to get that thing installed.  Looked pretty good I thought.  We never tried it out to it's full potential though.  Only used half.  I think we regretted the decision to leave the table up and use just part of the lee clothes.  One more place to bunk might have helped when it got rough out.
The idea is that 2 people could sleep in this area with all the crap at their feet.
Jen got to NB at 1500 on the 14th and we started to unload the truck and load the boat.  Bag after bag made it's way onto Appa.  Food and gear for 6 people is a lot of stuff.
Prior to Jen's arrival, we fueled up Appa.  60 gallons in the main tank with another 16 gallons on reserve.
Jen left about 1700 or so and we started to load the dinghy on the deck and make everything ready to go for the trip south.
Chris bought a salmon from the fishermen next to us and Papa Fox filleted it and I cooked that baby on the grill.  Veggies along the salmon.  Holm had his vegan eatings and all was good.
Getting the tender on the foredeck

Chris and his "catch".

The travellers.  Non Sequitur and Appa

The crew together the night before we leave.
The morning of the 15th was cloudy and foggy.  Non Sequitur left at some point in the early morning and we shoved off about 0930 or so.  We immediately had to use the radar.  Once out of the bay area and about one mile offshore the fog lifted a bit and we could stand down the lookout on the bow.  Thanks Chris!
No wind once again and I set the Perkins to run at 2000 RPM.  We wouldn't shut it off for 24 hours.

Cape Flattery
Someone on the crew got seasick right off the bat.  I found these old Air Canada barf bags.  They came into use.

Heading south till butter melts.
More tomorrow.  This bloggerating is exhausting.


  1. Huge congratz on the first leg, how are things in CA? I found the ship finder on Jen's blog, awesome, I can stalk you from afar.

  2. Hey Jimmy. things are good. I still get the text messages from the ER. You guys sound busy. Keep up the good fight.

  3. Hey Jimmy. things are good. I still get the text messages from the ER. You guys sound busy. Keep up the good fight.