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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My birthday!

Chris with part of my costume on.

Motoring home from Poulsbo

So we left Shileshole with a crew of myself, Samey, Benny, Jennifer and Chris with his GF Lauren at 1100am on Saturday the 27th with 15 knots of wind out of the SE.  Strange direction.  Then as we crossed the Sound the wind straightened out and came out of the south.  We hoisted sails and sailed from breakwater to breakwater.  All the way to the Poulsbo marina.  Never did that before.  Great sail.  Was great having Chris and Lauren onboard to help out with the sails.  Sailed under Agate Bridge all the way to Liberty bay. 
Got to the slip in Poulsbo and got busy making appetizers and drinks.  Ilse and Z showed up and shortly after David and Julie did also.  Pete and Rachelle came straggling in last.  David and Julie drove over as their boat was not quite ready for a trip to Poulsbo.
Had dinner at Casa Luna and then drinks on Non Sequitur till the wee hours.  Great time.  Thanks to all who made the trip!
Wearing Chris Carden's outfit.  Or part of it.

Pete and Rachelle at the party.

Benny with Samey

Our Poulsbo viking

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